Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Product Review Needed!!

Has anyone tried this dress on from Jcrew? It is really cute, but sometimes the lack of structure can be unflattering. It is the Pique Pavilion Dress. Let me know! Thanks!!


  1. i bought this dress to wear as a pool cover up...it is loose and comfortable

  2. I tried this on and it didn't look good on me. It ended up being really low-cut on me and no shape. I was disappointed cause it looks so cute on the model!

  3. I think this dress would make anyone who's busty (like I am) look fat or pregnant... if you're really thin, it would be cute. These dresses are so cute, but potential death traps!

    However, if you have a waist that allows you to belt and look good (this is also not me!) it would be cute with a belt!!!

  4. Hi! Love your blog!
    My friend tried that dress on last week when we were at JC and it looked horrible on her! I think that if you are thin and wear a tank top under it (it is very low cut) then you could get away with it, otherwise it is not very flattering.