Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year... New Job... New Me

Daffodil Means new Beginnings

Hello Ladies!

I can not believe that I have been gone from the blogging world since July. So much has happened and I felt that it was time for a come back (hopefully it won't be a Britney comeback and get cancelled)!!! I needed to focus on making my life what I want it to be and now I feel like I am up and running. Here is the five second update for 2010!

I have a new job and I feel like it was made for me. I am happy and thriving, plus it is something I believe in! Don’t worry Mitt Romney- you are still my first priority, just not on a full time basis!

Mr. Bliss and I bought a house and it is wonderful! It is exactly what I would have wanted if I could have chosen any home. Now, it is so much fun decorating and making our home.

Mr. Bliss passed the bar, WOHOO!!!

Mr. Bliss and I are the proud parents of a little Westie named Sidney. She is the cutest puppy and has a darling personality.

I started Atkins today and have decided to go to a Personal Trainer every Monday to keep myself motivated and start my week off right! Hopefully, this will be my last New Year to worry about losing those stubborn LBS!

And let’s just say a few other things have clicked into place and I can put old goals to rest, they have been achieved!!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry holiday season and a safe and happy New Year. Here is to 2010 being a wonderful year and a fresh beginning to achieve your goals!


  1. Oh wow girl! So much exciting news! Congrats on everything and hope your having a great day! XOXO

  2. Wow, what a crazy few months, congrats on all of your exciting news!

  3. So glad that I found your blog...consider me a new yet loyal follower!

    Thank you for the morning of entertainment! You are a doll!