Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Thrill is Gone!

Being a native Texan ,one of the biggest excitements of life on the East Coast was experiencing actual seasons. Well, I am telling you.. I have experienced Winter and the 24 inches of snow that have fallen since December and I am DONE! It was pretty and white, but then the power was out for 2 days and Saturday Mr. Bliss and I bought a new furnace. A new furnace = a LOT of new shoes!!! I woke up warm this morning, but the snow has started again.. I have to say I am over it and dreaming of Spring! I am sure many of you out there are feeling the same way! So here is a little something warm to start your day!


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  2. I'm OK with the cold (for the most part), but I'd die to be in one of those pics right now. SO beautiful!

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  3. Those are some nice pictures of places I would Love to be right now!