Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time to Decorate!

I love Valentine's Day! Everything is pink, red and pretty! I would like to decorate our new house for the prettiest holiday.

Any decorating ideas?

How do you decorate?


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love all the preppy pink and green of yours!!

    As far as decorating for valentine's day, you could hang a cute heart or heart wreath on your front door. You could fill hurricane glasses with converation hearts(I did this) and also decoupage wood letters to say what you want or create a mini Valentine tree. I have instructions on how to do the letters on my blog!

  2. i love decorating for the holidays, but rarely go all out except for Christmas since our second baby, five months ago. just like southern cinderella i do have two large hurricane glass vases on my mantle that I change the big candle and sprinkle conversation hearts around. oh and i usually pick up some new holiday dish towels for my kitchen from marshalls or target. :)