Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Serious Post....

I need some major therapy... I just can not get on the wagon to diet and workout. I have been going at this for YEARS and I lose a little and then I stop. I usually dont gain it back, but I stop losing. Then I start again and the cycle continues. But, this time I GAINED.. with my foot injury (which is finally feeling better, not heels better, but I will take it) I couldnt work out and I ate like total crap.. Now, I am paying for it. I am totally miserable about it.. I will be good for a day and then stress will get to me and I will crave and give in. It is like I have no self control for making bad food choices. Then I end up feeling worse than before. This week has been the worst, I was getting it from my personal life and professional life.

My hubby is frustrated with me (not that he thinks I should lose weight, but he wants me to be happy) he tries to encourage me and in turn I cheat and then dont tell him what I really eat when he isnt around.

It is a horrible cycle and all of you who go through this, I feel for you. HELP.. Anyone gone through this and overcome it. It is almost an addiction. I dont drink or smoke, I EAT...

Hope everyone is having a better week than me. At least Mitt Romney is on Larry King!! I love you Mitt!!!!


  1. One thing that works for me is to NOT purchase those foods that I just shouldn't eat. ex. cookies and chips. Then if I feel the urge to eat, it isn't a bag of oreos ;-) I keep a homemade vegetable soup made most of the time. It doesn't do so much harm as a snack. And it is filling cause I put beans and pasta in mine. Cereal works for me as a snack if I get hungry! I am very careful what I eat at home, but when I go out to eat - which isn't often - I eat whatever I want. I stick pretty much to meat and vegetables and fruits. I do eat some break and fix a baked potato every so often with my meal. This probably is not much help, but this works for me. If you have any questions, just let me know. {Once you decide to lose you will lose very quickly cause you are young!! :-)}

  2. I really hate the gym. I even posted about how much I hate the gym. But, I'm also not a horrible eater. I tend to eat lots of fruits and veggies. But what's important to us is eating the right portion sizes. That way, it's OK if I eat ice cream after dinner.

    But, Husby and I aren't really into junk food so it's not often in the house. That doesn't mean I don't like sweets. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. So by keeping it out of the house, I really have to think about how much I want it before leaving to buy a cupcake or pinkberry ice cream.

    Most importantly, though, I've learned that you cannot deny yourself. When you deny yourself anything that you love (whether it's ice cream or carbs) you ultimately end up giving in.

  3. I feel your pain. I need to loose 20 pounds. And I love to eat.