Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Ebay Day

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I did. I bought a cute dress for a rehearsal dinner this Friday! yay! I got my friend her baby gift, FINALLY!! I am thinking about selling some of my old stuff on ebay. I know alot of you guys do that. I am sort of new to ebay and I am currently bidding on some items.. If you have size 6 items, let me know!!! haha. Any tips for someone new to ebay selling?

I also watched some great movies.

Movie/TV Reviews:
Mama Mia! So cute! If you have seen it on Broadway and I have it is the cutest musical. This is not quite as good. But very entertaining and cute. I def recommend it.
Nights in Rodanthe: It was rainy on Saturday night and it was such a perfect setting for this movie. Such a tear jerker, if you want a totally romantic good cry movie, this is it!
Changeling: Awesome! My hubby even liked it. Great story and actors. I highly recommend it.
Running in Heels: New show on the Style Network about interns working at Marie Claire. So great, drama and fashion. What more can we ask for!

Gosh I feel like all I did was watch TV. Hahaha...


  1. I actaully really enjoyed Changeling too! While I am not an Angleina fan the movie was well done and she was an amazing actress!

  2. must show pics of the new dress!!

  3. Oh! I haven't seen any of these movies yet! My little sister said she thought Mama Mia! was really cute too, so that might be my next "girly" movie to rent! ;)

    what does your new dress look like?