Thursday, January 29, 2009

Campaigns and Cupcakes-My vent!

Hello all! Well, this has been quite a week! Snow, ice, power outage and a cable outage (luckily Gossip Girl and 90210 were reruns)!! Luckily all have been cleared up, but the threat of more snow is still hovering.

I think all this added to my "usual" frustrations this week. I had to take a job back in May after I worked on a Presidential Primary race that did not go as planned, but there is still hope in 2012! Since, Mr. Bliss is in law school, I was not in the position to be picky. This was an above average salary, health care and all the things we needed. So, first off, I know I am VERY lucky to have these things in our current economy. But it is so hard to spend 8-10 hours a day doing things you hate! This week, budgeting and expenses have been added to my responsibilities. They must be crazy, I am not even allowed to balance our checking account. I think my real problem is that I am not an office job person. I love campaigns! I love being my own manager, traveling, talking to people, etc...

I feel like I am "stuck" here until May, I am trying to stick it out a year for consideration to my fellow employees and for my resume. But wow has time flown by, I only have 3 more months until Mr. Bliss graduates from law school and I can find a job I really enjoy and feel that my talents are more suited towards. I always wanted to get into politics because I felt it facilitated an opportunity to make a difference and maybe the lack of that feeling is what adds to my discontent here at my current job. I mean, I am ALWAYS involved, hard not be in a small state. But, I really want to do it full time. I didn't think I would miss it so much.

All I want to do is run campaigns and bake cupcakes, is that too much? Ha ha!

Thanks for listening, I try to be positive and be thankful for what I have, but it is hard.


  1. I had to say hi causae I love pink and cupcakes! Yummo!

  2. know the feeling- at least it's only 4 months away. start a count-down and start looking for your version of a push-present for when it's done, hahaha!

    chin up,


  3. I love the link about baking cupcakes- how nice it would be to do that all day. I will say I am lucky that every few months I do get to di it at work, such a plus! I am so sorry about the job. That would be so difficult to sit all day and do things you do not enjoy. I feel even more blessed to not have a great job, but to be obsessed with my job! I hope that come summer you will also find a job you are obsessed with!