Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello Friends!!

I am in week two of my weight loss challenge! I am very satisfied with my results, so far, but I know exercise is a major part. I have been struggling with a foot injury since August 2007. I was finally diagnosed with a stress fracture (still in an air cast). So, treadmill type exercise is out of the question. I was thinking pilates, but I have the mindset (I am sure it is wrong) that you need to sweat to lose weight.

My questions are these:

1. Has anyone had sucess losing weight with Pilates?

2. Any ideas about exercise strategies for me?



  1. my mom swears by pilates, and so do a lot of the stars. if nothing else, you'll be beautifully toned :) Great job on your weight loss!

  2. i am addicted to pilates...take reformer and mat classes and just purchased the malibu pilates chair a few months ago..i have lost about 20 pounds but the amazing part is how many inches you lose

  3. I love Texas, too. We only live there for 2 years, but I still long for TX. My daughter was born there and is proud to be a Texan!