Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Feel Like Baking!

Good morning ladies!

Tonight one of Mr. Bliss's friends is having a party and being the only wife (the only other married couple in our group of friends went to D.C. for the weekend LUCKY!!) it leaves me in charge of these adorable boys (I guess they are technically men, but when I have to iron their shirts for dates, they are BOYS! ha ha!) So, I have decided to bake some cupcakes for the festivities. I am thinking of a wonderful moist chocolate cupcake with a vanilla butter cream icing. For fun, I am going to put coconut on some of them and die the rest of the frosting a preppy pastel (blue for the guys) and add sprinkles or a dusting of sugar for some sheen. I will take a picture and post my creations!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday, we are supposed to get more SNOW today!

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