Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine's Ideas Welcome!

Ugh.. It is Monday and I am back at work. Once again, it snowed. I think the novelty of snow has finally warn off. (my hubby just gasped). Brushing snow off your car on a Monday morning is well.. NOT FUN!

So, Mr. Bliss and I are living apart Monday morning through Friday (when I get home from work). He is in his last semester of law school and he decided to commute, since I found a job in Charleston and he clerked last semester in Charleston. We were going to be a part either Fall or Spring, so we choose Spring. It is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

So, I have already bought him the red vineyard vines belt, they have the cute one with the flies on it. Mr. Bliss loves to fly fish! But I want to do something special. Mojito Maven had an adorable idea with the 14 days of Beer!!
Any ideas???


  1. Yuck, living apart is hard!!! I didn't know your hubs was in his last semester of law school, me too!

    No ideas on Valentine's Day. My husband just wanted a new Timex watch. Romantic, no?

  2. check out! the brand should fit with your preppy style preferences...