Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cold Medicine and A Serious Conversation??

Hello all! I am SICK.. Totally sucks! All the crazy weather changes have finally caught up with me.. I am keeping this post short, but thought this cold medicine induced story was worth sharing.

A former colleague of mine was in town today (not from here) and wanted me to meet with him and his boss. Possible consulting opportunities! yay! Luckily, I know this guy well from working together, because what I said to him on the phone was borderline mental. I was giving him directions to a coffee place and said,

"Here is my cell number in case you get SCARED!"

Who says that, I was so embarrassed. Thank the lord he laughed and said "Oh you are such a trip, I miss working with you!"... Geez...

Good night!!


  1. Awww made me have a little laugh today!! I bet her really does miss you!!

  2. That's pretty funny, I have to say! Cold medicine can really work a number on a person.

  3. Hope you feel better!!!

    You have been tagged!!! You will love this one...trust me!!!

  4. Haha, finding my way around an unfamiliar town always scares me. I think it was totally appropriate!