Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Run Down

Well, I did the unthinkable today. I ordered my bridesmaid dress one size smaller....I know you are NEVER suppose to do this, but I have already had such great success. And I have over 4 months. But my true goal is to have the size smaller dress be too big when it comes!

My food was good today and I did 30 minutes of Pilates and a 30 minute upper arm workout. They are going to burn tomorrow. No pain, no gain!

Now for the most important things. Gossip Girl was awesome tonight!!! Doesnt anybody learn, Don't Mess With Blair! haha. She is so bad, but I love her. And Chuck, this is an interesting story line... And holy **** Dan and the teacher!


  1. go you on the dress- you're committed that way to a smaller bod.

    OMfG about GG last night. whoa!


  2. Awesome job on your hour workout!! I always seem to be too "busy" for arm workouts. You will be one hot bridesmaid!

  3. Am I the only american twenty something chik who does not watch Gossip Girl?! What am I doing with my life? Thanks for the tag girlie:) I am filling it out right after dinner!